Dr. Walubita Siyanga
2 min readOct 1, 2022

Happy New Month!!!

Time is a resource. Ideas are a resource. Age — older or younger Is a resource. Talent is a resource. Who you know, exposure, experience, education and background are all resources. Money is also a resource and evidently not the only resource. Fact: Truly successful people invest resources while the poor waste them. So I propose the following:

1. In October invest in your personal development. Get an education for personal growth. Not just for a paper. Study. Read. Grow in thinking. Put in time. Put in Money and energy developing yourself.

2. In October invest in your health. Live well. Eat well. Rest well. Don’t make yourself sick. Health is the greatest wealth.

3. In October Invest in your Wife/Husband/Children. Family is everything so never take family resources outside your family. No side-chicks or Side-dudes — Only fools do such. Invest good money in your Wife/Husband. Invest money in your children. Not just school fees. Be a present. Mother/Father.

4. In October invest in your Home. Spend on your house. Make it a proper haven of rest. Don’t treat your home like a guest house where you just go and sleep. Let it be a place you enjoy. Enjoy eating at home rather than eating out. Tragedy is when you would rather go clubbing instead of being at home in your free time.

5. In October invest towards a secured future. Put in ideas, time and finances in order to secure a brighter future. Invest every thing you don’t need today so that it enriches you and your family’s tomorrow.

In conclusion, don’t get wasted with negative social vices, alcohol, illicit sex, side-chicks, side-dudes and time spent away from people who really love you because you are clubbing. I challenge you: Be invested. Don’t be wasted.



Dr. Walubita Siyanga

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