Choose Your Help. Don’t wait To Be Helped.

Dr. Walubita Siyanga
2 min readOct 12, 2022

Any successful person today is a helped person. There is no shame in asking for help when in crisis or when you want to improve your life. Now in our quest for help, most of us make two mistakes:

I. We seek help from unqualified people. In other words, you want help from people who are not capable of helping you. You blindly assume that someone can help when they can’t. You need to seek out targeted help. Otherwise It’s like asking legal help from a medical doctor or asking for financial assistance from someone who has no money.

II. We don’t have a sense of protocol when asking for help. Friends, there is a protocol for getting help. E.g You just don’t randomly whatsapp a stranger coz you think they qualify to help you and then expect them to just jump and assist you? Friends, In the same way you feel they are qualified to help you is the same way they are also checking whether you qualify to be Helped.

So you need to qualify yourself for help. How? Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does the helper know you and do you have a relationship with them?

2. What is the context of your situation in relation to who they are and how does your problem concern them?

3. What is the most proper way of approaching them? Dont you think its better to set a respectful appointment with them to discuss your request in a proper way rather than sending a random text on Facebook, sms or whatsapp?



Dr. Walubita Siyanga

Training Consultant, Life Coach, Counselor, Motivational speaker, Branding/Media Consultant, TV/Radio Personality and Author