The More You Care, The More you Prepare.

Dr. Walubita Siyanga
2 min readSep 27, 2022

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. ~ Alexander Graham Bell

Preparation can be defined as the process which someone undertakes to achieve proper results. Many times I find myself putting in so much preparation into the things that I care about. This happens mostly when I am thinking about the results that I want to see. E.g Each time I am asked to speak at a conference, seminar or even in a service at church, I go into indepth preparation and I find that the more I care about the message I am to deliver as well as the people I am to deliver it to, the more preparation i put in.

Because i want to have impactful results, I prepare deeply. Now It seems to me friends, that the more we care about something or someone, the more we prepare. Therefore, today I want us to examine how well we prepare for certain things in life.

- Could it be that the more You care about your future, the more you will prepare for it?

- Could it be that the more you care about having a great marriage the more you prepare for it?

- Could it be that the more you care about having one of the best businesses around, the more you prepare?

Friends, your depth of preparedness indicates your depth of care for something and the opposite is also true. If you see a person who is unprepared for something, then you are seeing a person who does not care much about that thing. Now there are things that matter in life friends, There…



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